Mary MacDonald||5th year||Gryffindor||Muggle-born|| Suggested FC: Jennifer Lawrence|| Status: Open

Mary is very independent. She tends to shy away from large groups, preferring to spend her time in her tight knit circles of friends. The Slytherins often target her as a victim for their abuse due to her being Muggle-born. The constant bulling has given her a tough skin. She can be soft-spoken and seem boring when compared to her house mates, but Mary is perhaps one of the most hilarious students at Hogwarts. Her dry, sarcastic sense of humor causes Mary to crack herself up at least. She loves strolling through the grounds. Mary is exceptionally in tune with her inner child. During these strolls she can be seen picking flowers weaving them together into bracelets and necklaces.  Mary is innocent and naïve, though she believes herself quite savvy. She is relatable and can usually find common ground with anyone who sparks up a conversation with her.  

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