Peter Jones|| 6th year|| Halfblood||Gryffindor|| Suggested FC: Hayden Christensen|| Status: Open

Peter Jones breaks the Gryffindor mold. He is not incredibly brave. He does not bother being too nice. He can be quite dark, and seems to have terrible luck. Things never seem to stay good for Peter long, but all of his experiences have made him stronger. He is used to things not working and can be extremely pessimistic at times. The Gryffindor in him only really shines through when you consider his nerve. He will say anything to anyone at anytime. He has no filter whatsoever, but he is not trying to be hurtful; he is just brutally honest. Peter adores Transfiguration and is more than proficient with his wand. He is highly logical, or at least he believes he is so. He was once a huge dreamer. He spent most of his childhood locked in fantasy. Now he suppresses this side of him, and tries to convince himself that he would be content living in a decent house and working at the Minisiry; yet when things are going good for him his dreams break through the shackles and infiltrate his mind once more. Though he gives off the vibe of being a jaded soul that is mysterious and misunderstood, really Peter is just a kid that is a little confused about what he wants to do with his life and needs a friend.

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